A quiet place 2 delays its premiere date for the second time

The negative evolution of the corona pandemic continues and, with it, delays in film releases continue to occur. Paramount Pictures has also decided to delay again the premiere of the sequel to “A quiet place”, scheduled for April this year.

According to The Wrap, the new film in the suspense saga starring Emily Blunt and written and directed with John Krasinski, will not finally see the light until A Quiet Place Part II full movie September 17, 2021.
This means the third planned release date for the sequel that counts as a great signing with the incorporation of Cillian Murphy, the protagonist of the acclaimed series “Peaky Blinders”, and who, before the outbreak of the pandemic, had his release date set. in theaters by March 2020.

In this new installment, the Abbott family, the mother played by Emily Blunt and her two children, continue the fight to survive in a world that has been invaded by terrible creatures that attack attracted by sound and that have annihilated much of The humanity. It is hoped that, in addition to following in the family’s footsteps, this sequel will also explain how those creatures came to Earth.

The saga, whose first installment was a box office success, grossing $ 340.9 million worldwide, will continue beyond this sequel as late last year, Variety reported that Jeff Nichols (“Midnight Special,” Take Sheter) he was already working on the script for a third installment that he himself would direct.