HBO Max in 2022 there will be no simultaneous movie releases

Warner Bros clarified that the films will only have 45 days of exclusivity with theaters and can then be distributed on platforms such as HBO Max. In 2020 the giant Warner Bros. made a decision that would significantly change the film industry: all its 2021 films will be released in theaters and HBO Max simultaneously.

This determination generated a domino effect A Quiet Place Part II full movie throughout the industry who resorted to this strategy to try to avoid the effects of the pandemic and attract new subscribers during the current year.

Despite the success of this initiative, Warner Bros announced that the movement, of course, generated a domino effect throughout the sector, as other companies resorted to the same strategy in their attempt to avoid the pandemic. However, and at least in the specific case of Warner, this will not be repeated in 2022.

According to the specialized press, Warner intends to return to exclusive theatrical releases from next year. However, the production company clarified that the feature films will only have 45 days of exclusivity with theaters and after that time, they can be distributed on streaming video platforms, such as HBO Max.

Paramount is the other production company that will resort to the same strategy of Warner and HBO Max. His plan is for Mission Impossible 7 and A Quiet Place Part II to hit Paramount + 45 days after the theatrical release. They also signed an agreement with MGM to offer all James Bond films, including No Time to Die. However, for the latter they still do not define the premiere date on the platform

However, while 2022 arrives and Warner Bros executes its change of position, this is the list of films that you can see on HBO Max, in premiere, during this 2021: