The movie A Quiet Place, A Quiet Place, a story that takes your breath away, comes to Netflix.

I’m lousy at watching horror movies, worse if guts and blood drip. If we talk about suspense, I think about it. However, this film had the green light of at least 90% of film critics, so I was encouraged to see A Quiet Place (A place in silence), directed by actor John Krasinski, yes, the same from The Office . I do not regret.

The film, which was released in 2018, has just hit Netflix. watch A Quiet Place Part II online And I’m still catching my breath. The terrifying story of creatures that possess a keen sense of hearing and hunt down the living beings they listen to – even humans – is a perfect example of how to make good horror and suspense that is not very effective.

The story of the Abbott, which stars Krasinski himself along with his wife, a sensational Emily Blunt, is that of a family that learns to adapt to the conditions left by the apocalypse in a town where they seem to be the only survivors. They walk barefoot, communicate through sign language and eat what they grow and find in abandoned supermarkets. The premise is to keep quiet; Any sound, and it’s all over. It’s ironic, but a large part of the film’s success lies in its sound design, which immerses the viewer in the exasperating silence in which its characters coexist.

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One of my favorite points is that the story does not provide explanations: it starts without saying where those murderous beings came from or why the Abbott are the only ones left after the extinction of humanity. Of course, those doubts can be clarified when the second part is released, in 2021.

For now, in this time of pandemic and isolation, A Quiet Place is a metaphor. Its great weakness is that from the middle forward, one can sense where the story is going, although it is so well staged and told that it manages to take your breath away.